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Robertson College - a member of Education Consolidation Corporation - first started in 1911 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan providing 'apprentice' training for judicial court shorthand stenographers, and has since evolved into the diverse Business College it is today, offering over 30 career programs in Business, Health Care and IT. With 4 campuses in Canada - including Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta,  and Winnipeg in Manitoba, plus our Online Campus - Robertson College is committed to delivering relevant, career-focused programs that are in high demand in their region, meeting the needs of today's businesses and industries.

Whether you want to balance the budget, co-ordinate exciting events, or help those in need of health care, all programs at Robertson are fast-paced, hands-on learning experiences that will give you the required skills needed to kick-start a new exciting career. Our teachers are experts in their field and bring that expertise into the classroom. We are famous for our small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and most importantly, getting you employment in your field. Each campus offers programs that are tailored specifically for the local job market and will have you career ready in 12 months or less.  Besides offering quality instruction and tailored curriculums, our dedicated Career Counsellors, Student Services, Financial Advisors and Career Services teams are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our online campus allows students across Canada to earn their diplomas and certificates while still benefiting from the same support and career services offered to our campus students.

Known as "The College that sticks with you for life," Robertson College will not only be there for you now, but also 25 years down your career path!

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