Software & Database Developer

Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in IT? In just 45 weeks you could be earning from $38,400 - $90,000 in this rapidly growing field. Robertson College will fast track you to the career of your dreams as a Software and Database Developer. Our programs are designed to help you achieve the training and education needed to be career ready within a year. The Software and Database Developer diploma program will prepare you for the integral role of designing, developing, modifying and maintaining computer programs that are fundamental in the creation of websites, video games, mobile apps and more.

You will benefit from our flexible start dates, small classes and hands-on training from expert instructors committed to helping you succeed, and who bring real world experience to the classroom. Our curriculum provides you with the skills to develop software solutions by studying information, conferring with users, studying system flow and work processes; demonstrating solutions by developing the proper documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams; and using code comments and clean code to build the software. An 8-week practicum will give you valuable work experience as well as exposure to an IT environment. Upon graduating, Career Services will help find the perfect job for you. Not only that, you will have access to our extensive Employer Network!  

Not sure if you can afford the program? No problem — there are many financial assistance options. Just talk to one of our Financial Advisors. At Robertson College our goal is to help you get on the right track to success! Fill out our online form today!


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